1. E

    Which is the best mobile apps for news gathering?

    Hello All, I like to know, is there any good mobile apps for news gathering and sending purpose. I found many in internet and little confused with its technology, can anyone help me to find the best and technology behind it.
  2. axelzdly1

    Should I buy a 55-200mm VR ? Suggestions are welcome

    Hello guys, playing with the 18-55mm kit lens for a long time has given me a bore, trying to pull more interest into photography by buying a new my budget is quite low 15k, 55-200mm is one of the option. but my doubt is, is it reliable for everyday use OR is only for gathering dust and...
  3. S

    startup problem with vista

    hi everyone i m using vista n in last week i hv installed a engineering software named caesar 2 on my laptop but unfortunatly it wont work... so i removed it frm controll panel and delete all files frm program files folder. n now every time i on my laptop a setup file run which says...
  4. S

    rise of nations problem.

    hi guys, i have a pentium 3 700mhz cp with 256mb ram i have a 810 chipset which has 32 mb memory(checked with dxdiag) this game starts with the intro but then crashed to desktop with a dialog box saying "Gathering Exception Data" ive tried everything is there any patch to solve this problem plz...
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