1. theserpent

    Yet another gang rape

    Delhi Repeats in Kasargod: Bantwal Girl Gang-raped Twice, One Held God please kill these people
  2. Adhip007

    Computer Peripheral shop Location in Bangalore

    Guys, I am new to Bangalore City, Could you suggest the location of Computer Peripheral shops in Bangalore, e.g Ganesh Avenue in Kolkata, Lamington St. in Mumbai. Thanks Adhip
  3. Cool G5

    Welcome to Gaurav Live

    Hi all, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. I am glad to present you with my new blog, on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. :D It's a Technology cum Life blog. Please spare a few moments and comment on the same. I would specially like to thank Rohan Shenoy without...
  4. R

    Happy Ganesh

  5. azzu

    Happy GAnesh......

    happy Ganesh chaturthi and RAMZAN my friends
  6. G

    Virtual Memory!!

    Hi Guys, Where should we allocate the page file; in the C drive ( i.e where windows resides) or in a separate partition as Digit suggested in May'06 issue. Any rough idea how to do so. So far I let Windows do so for me. Not ba erformance though.\ Thanx Ganesh
  7. T

    Images of lord Ganeshsa --- Help needed

    Hi friends, I need some very good looking images of Lord Ganesh for marriage card. Marriage Card contains a small image of Lord Ganesh on top of the text inside the card. Those kind of images are required, so that i can put it in a invitation card. Please help me download such images.
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