1. D

    msi technical help no more available in india??

    I'm looking to buy msi motherboard. But from last some days msi india site is not functional and there technical help line is not working also. Is there something wrong with msi???
  2. A

    Software testing books

    I have close to 2 years experience in Functional testing. So far in my project, I have had a chance to work on only System testing .I'm now looking to gain complete knowledge on all the testing techinique so that it will help me out while attending interviews. I'm looking for a book with...
  3. sygeek

    Quixey - Best Online App-Finder

    Quixey Helps You “Functionally” Search For The Right Apps Based On What You Want To Do Come to think of it, searching for apps by the use you want to put it to should be the most natural way to search. That’s what a new search service hopes to deliver to you. Quixey describes itself as a...
  4. ionicsachin

    What is meaning of RMA?

    what is meaning of hardware RMA.. .is it functional in india

    Is 3g usable in india

    I hav plans on getting a 3g enabled phone for high-speed internet and other uses like Videocalling.... So, is 3G really functional in india and is there ne special charge for getting it....thnx in advance!
  6. A

    Yahoo Multi Gold For Yahoo Messenger 7 ,Is it available ???

    Hello Friends, Can anyone please tell me, is there any new software to log in to multiple account of Yahoo Messenger from the same computer, that is something like Yahoo MultiGold . I am not interested in Trillian and other s/w like that as they don't generally has all the...
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