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  1. P

    Get Instant Free Cpanel Hosting Account

    I have started a Free webhosting company and well I didnt know where to post about it on the forum. Thought other people might find it useful. So admins & Mods, if this is not the place for the thread or if its inappropriate, dont ban me. :) 100% free Cpanel Hosting and Get It Instant.Post 2...
  2. karnivore

    FrontPage 2003 - Can't find it

    OK, absolutely NooB question. I have installed Office 2003 but can't get to start FrontPage. In fact the shortcut is missing from the Start menu itself. I thought it is automatically installed with Office package (i did a complete installation).....or do i have to install it separately. I...
  3. shivam

    Website Help

    Hey Guys I Want To Make Free Website In Which I Want To Store Mobile Softwarez And Pics And Many Other Things??? So Plz Help Me And Tell Me How To Make It??????? On Which Site I Host It??????? Tell Me Everything,i Want To Make With Frontpage?????
  4. D

    Where is frontPage in office 2007

    where is the front page in 0ffice 2007
  5. go4saket

    Where is Frontpage in Office 2007?

    Hi guys! I was just checking various packages of Office 2007 in its official website but couldn't find Frontpage in any of the package. Has microsoft changed the name of Frontpage or does it come as a stand alone program. Where the hell did it vanish from the package? Chao...
  6. whoopy_whale

    Frontpage and Publisher:Difference?

    Is Microsoft Publisher an improved version of Microsoft Frontpage? I don't see Frontpage in Office 2003 now? What happened to Frontpage? Can you please tell me the difference between them...?
  7. iMav


    guys i just got my software upgraded by my engg and he installed office 2003 but my beloved frontpage is not there ... i tried the dump he had made bt tht too doesnt hav frontpage ab main kya karu :(
  8. Mohnishgs

    Creating a web site on Frontpage

    Please tell me how do I upload a site which I have already created on Frontpage. Also give me the list of a few free hosts where I can upload my site to. :?
  9. sude

    Where is MS FrontPage in Office 2003???

    Hello Recently I have installed MS Office 2003. After installation while browsing the features I observed that MS FrontPage was missing. Except FrontPage other office utilities like Word, Excel and so on. are present. Is it normal not to have MS FrontPage in MS Office 2003? Do you have any...
  10. R

    free HTML editor like MS frontpage

    Hi can anyone suggest me a free HTML editor like MS frontpage? I need normal view, and html source view and preview. Please help me
  11. wolvrine

    Many, many, many security holes in the Microsoft Frontpage

    just read it http://www.insecure.org/sploits/Microsoft.frontpage.insecurities.html
  12. U


    hi friends i signed up for a free subdomain at bravehost.com i also signed up for the affialate program. i got its script . i use Frontpage 2003 . How to insert that code into my website's code?
  13. S

    Substitute 4 Frontpage

    I used frontpage for webpage authoring and publishing in windows ......but wat would be the best substitute for frontpage on LINUX.
  14. C

    *Help* Frontpage

    Hi buddies i just want to ask a simple thing. I have made a website and in the end of the webpages i have proveded the info about when the site has been updated. So i want to do one thing that instead of editing each page everytime after updating.i just want to make a html page with...
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