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  1. N

    For Sale: Core Contact Freezer

    I have an unused core contact freezer 120mm for sale. I purchased it 2 months back. The total cost of the cooler with all items (except thermal paste) in its original packaging is 2000. This includes adpater set for Corei7. Please PM me if you are from Trivandrum and interested in the deal.
  2. N

    Core Contact Freezer Query

    I am plannng to buy core contact freezer (sunbeamtech) for my new PC. Is it a good cooler than other coolers?
  3. saROMan

    Help me with Half Life 1

    Ok i had my hands on half life for the first time....and am really impressed by the game.....and now i am stuck at Chapter 3: Office Complex i completed every thing and went to the end but i cant do any thing further......so as a last resot went to cheetbook.de for its walk.....which says...
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