1. B

    Need Stabilizer for Playstation 4

    Hi Guys, Just got a playstation 4 delivered today. Can please anyone help me with a stabilizer for the same, as i have voltage fluctuations in my home. Regards, PV
  2. K

    Any application to know the voltage and voltage fluctuation report?

    Hi Guys, Is there any application to show the input voltages and their fluctuations on the screen of WINDOWS7?
  3. R

    Need Psu For Voltage Fluctuation

    Hi guys, I have a zebronic 500 w psu, in my area after 10 pm voltage fluctuations begins and my apc bac ups 700 watt goes into battery mode as the voltage dips below 170 Volts.If i connect my pc directly to a surge protector my pc restarts when voltage fluctuates, i have heard that if i change...
  4. P

    gimme more POWER!!!

    I have numeric digital 600 ax ups(600va,360W),but the system has 450w corsair smps..512mn ati hd 4850,,,c2d e8400..creative soundbalster audigy value soundcard..msi p45neof..wdc640 green power...4gb transcend 800mhz ram...20x dvd writer ,,,apart frm dat dell us 2208wfp and altec lansing mx...
  5. ajnaskhan

    Budget Pc Configuration

    Gigabyte GA-MA78-GM-S2H - Rs 4200/- Athlon 64 X2 4800+ - Rs 3250/- 2GB DDR2 RAM - Rs 1600/- Zebronics VIVAH - Rs 1500/- Comment on this mix up. Also specify any price fluctuations from that mentioned...
  6. T

    Which UPS to buy?

    This is the configuration of my rig... AMD Athlon 64 3200+ MSI K8N Platinum Motherboard Transcend 2*512mb XFX Geforce 6600 graphics card... Western Digital 80 GB SATA HDD I am using an elife 600w smps as power supply my computer stays on constantly , and with the recent spate of power...
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