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  1. ico

    Small Survey. Filling it up will be of great help. :) Thanks.

    Small survey. Filling it up will be of great help. Thanks. :) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OtgQ-bevmoTg3cuwsj-BfbQktSKhllXa1sFXy257jIs/viewform
  2. V

    Confusion between first, last & maiden name

    I am confused with what really the maiden name means in the Indian context. A google search shows it is "A woman's family name before she is married." But while filling up forms, we usually fill the details in the maiden name as the first name only. Suppose say my mom's name is X Y(where X is...
  3. N

    Last date for filling the application form for getting admission in IIMK

    Course: Executive Education Programme in Marketing (EEPM ) Duration of the Course: One year The program provides exclusive distance learning option for working professionals who wish to enhance their managerial skills and move a step ahead from their counterparts. The course provides...
  4. M

    free ROBO FORM..

    I need to fill up examination forms for various state and central govt. exams online. I need to fill up all the data such as adrress, name etc. again and again. Please suggest me any freeware software, which will help me filling form online by automatically filling forms. like roboform...
  5. R

    Download manager supporting captcha

    Hi everyone, I am using Jdownloader as my download manager and it works like a charm. But is there any other download manager that supports automatic captcha filling like Jdownloader does so that there is no need to wait while downloading from ftp sites. Any alternatives.?
  6. nileshgr

    Need some college guys.

    Hello, I need some college guys to interview. It is a part of my school project. If you guys are ready to answer about 12 questions by simply filling a form which i will design, please reply. Then I will design a script which will store all data in a database. THX in advance.
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