1. Skyh3ck

    Positive Experience Starcj.com - Belmonte Mens combo pack great experience

    hello i am posting my experience with starcj.com they have a dedicated shopping channel, many times i used to watch this, and they showed many cloths for men.. i was curious how it will end up. so i took a risk and order a Belmonte Combo pack of 7 shirt and 2 pant fabric for 1999/- i received...
  2. A

    men's shirt fabric query

    can anybody give me an online link to buy exactly the same shirt. i tried searching a lot couldn't find. or can anyone just tell me what this fabric called and the type of weaving?
  3. mati17

    CAD Software Suggestion

    Hello Forum, I am in Men's wear clothing business. I am fabric cutter, stitcher and pattern maker. I have much knowledge of computers. As nowadays, computer is replacing man in every field. In my business also there is much competition with computer designs. I want to learn CAD so that I can...
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