1. B

    SMS marketing cost

    How much would it cost to buy special series of numbers for SMS marketing like the ones in FAB series? Rough figure anyone?
  2. ajayritik

    How can I split a DVD9 movie into two DVD5 ?

    I have an original DVD of a movie which I want to split into two since its size is 7 GB. I have downloaded DVD FAB to do this task. But I have a problem. My C: has only 2 GB space left. When I try to peform this operation in DVD FAB it gives me a message indicating that space is not sufficient...
  3. CadCrazy

    Intel's New 45-nm Fab Opens for Business

    Known as Fab 32, the $3 billion factory will be used to manufacture the company's latest microprocessor line. The first 45-nm microprocessor, known as "Penryn," will be launched on Nov. 12. "It's another step in the continuing execution in Intel manufacturing," John Pemberton, the Fab 32 plant...
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