1. G

    Net speed became slowand netstat is outputting pageful of info

    Hi these days my net speed become slow, when I asked ISP he says lot of connections are being made by your system, my netstat output is almost a pageful as follows C:\Documents and Settings\username>netstat Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP...
  2. panacea_amc

    <<< I Cant download!! >>

    hello people. of late i have been trying to download from a songs(legal) from a russian site called i can download from there easily from a cybercafe...and also using GPRS over my fone.....but when i connect this cell to my PC, i get this error message while downloading "Firefox...
  3. maddy_in65

    dataone in linux

    Please help me to establish a bb connection in ubuntu. I know already there is a post regarding this but now i am not able to find it. please help me.
  4. T

    help on setting up a wifi lan

    guyz i want connect to friend's pc who is about 250meters from my home plz suggst how to establish a wireless lan and the hardware required -------------------- budget does'nt matter here
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