1. A

    free software for encrypting files on windows 8

    please help.thanks
  2. D

    Where can I buy self encrypting HDD/SSD in India?

    I googled. But all results lead to "theory" of self encrypting drives. I want to buy "Self encrypting" (hardware base/built-in) HDD/SSD for my personal laptop to protect my personal and most valuable data. Please suggest a website or retailer where I can buy the same. Thank you.
  3. utkarsh73

    Best method to encrypt files??

    I want to encrypt few files(.docx and .xlsx to be precise) and I am looking for a good encrypting software. The main requirement is the encrypted files must not be software dependent and it must be portable. If I take those files to some other computer, I must be able to decrypt it without the...
  4. iinfi

    network spoofing tools

    i am trying some encryption software and tools like encrypting emails using pgp's desktop encryption and encrypting files for transferring over network etc. i want to test whether it is really encrypted while it moves over the network. do we have any tools which spoof the local network so as...
  5. T

    Which Are the Best Encrypting softwares in the market??

    Hey friends, please shed some light on downloadable and reliable encrypting softwares.
  6. [A]bu

    Encrypting DATA

    My brother has a website same as forum but not like digit but for other business. His friend has forgotten the password. I have heard that it is encreapted by some MD5 data. Not please can any buddy help me to find software of site for encrypting those data
  7. K

    password lock the folders in windws XP....

    hi guys, Could somebody plz tell me the way 2 password protect a folder in Windows XO without using softwares tat create seperate drive...... somebody told me tat by encrypting the file it can be done..... but it does not happen so in my comp.... i ve windows XP with service pack 2.......
  8. N

    encrypting folder

    I want to to know whether there is any way to encrypt the folder without using any software.
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