1. P

    Cowon EM1 vs soundmagic ES 19s which one to choose?

    Hi, im not able to decide between cowon Em1 and sound magic ES 19s which one to buy? mine current one is Cowon Em1 but its damaged after long time. so planning to buy new one and my budget is <=1 K(aprrox) suggest if any other also.
  2. A

    Earphone suggestion for 3k.

    Looking for earphones or IEMs and need suggestions at price range around 3k. Audio Source : Laptop, Cell Phone. Amp / DAC : FiiO E11K Kilimanjaro 2 Audio genre : Mostly Rock, EDM, Blues, and sometimes the regular stuffs :lol:. Bass is definitely appreciated. Sometimes used for gaming...
  3. M

    Sound Magic ES18 VS COWON EM1

    I have had 2 sound magic es 18,Lost both :( .Was settling with samsung bundled earphones.Lost it too :( Now im looking for a new pair of earphones.Bought 2 ES 18s its pretty good stuff,but the cable tangles and the built quality is okay.Now i have noticed the cowon EM1 it has better built and...
  4. Tejo

    In ear type headset under 3k

    I was using Cowon EM1 and was very much satisfied with it, but had to give it to my sister. Now I need to buy a new one. I mostly use it for listening to music, but I want to use it for calls too (thats why headset and not headphone). I am basically a bass lover, but need a balanced sound. EM1...
  5. $hadow

    IEM for gift

    Hey guys what's up First of all thanks for all for guiding me buying cowan em1 for myself but as the thread says I want one as a gift on my brothers birthday. He is turning 18 next week :-D So as per his requirements he will use it foe following purposes 1. Lots of movie watching 2. Music...
  6. C

    Cowon em1 problem

    Yesterday received cowon em1 from amazon.in. after taking it out of box played songs with full bass for about 10 min. today while i was playing songs with normal bass full volume hearing some disortions will these stupid act damage my earphones.? most of songs i dont hear disortions but for some...
  7. S

    SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon EM1 vs Creative EP-630

    Hey friends, I recently bought a Moto G.I am not that into listening music even then the stock earphones with the phones are not good enough.I only need the headphones while commuting between home and college.I need your expert advice to choose between these 3 : SoundMagic ES18 vs Cowon...
  8. bhushan2k

    Need earphone below 1k with mic

    I'm not at all expert in audio technology..so damm confused while choosing these..want excellent audio quality (WITH MIC) the best i can get within 1k... Have narrowed down these ear buds..though m not sure about all of them have built-in mic.. Skullcandy 2XL spoke ep 600 Ep 630 Sm es 10 Sm es...
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