1. anvesh

    Is embedding someone shoutcast server legal?

    If I embedd music player in my website and set the source as someone else's shout cast or any other radio server address, is it legal ?
  2. amitabhishek

    Anyone tried Safari 4 Beta:Looks like a copycat

    I just downloaded Safari 4 Beta and my jaws dropped when I saw how much Apple guys are impressed with Google Chrome. I mean they are so similar that you wouldn't know who is using whose skin:D! Looks like Apple is finally taking leaves out of someone else's book.
  3. S

    little help on blogspot!!

    how can one post something on someone else's blog? is there ne way? i am new to blogspot.
  4. A

    smile plz

    heyy how do i get my pic on the side below my name like everybody else's plz help !!!!!!!!!! hakuna matata
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