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  1. A

    help needed to join networking course in HCL

    Hello Friends, I and my friend is willing to join the networking course offered by HCL Infosystems. Can anyone please tell me the details regarding the course structure,fee structure , eligibility. My questions are as follows : 1) Course structure? 2) Fee Details 3) Eligibility Criteria 4)...
  2. A

    mba in IT

    can anybody tell me how to do mba in IT and whats the eligibility for doing so
  3. ymhatre

    Check the eligibility of ur PC to run particular games HERE...

    :cool:HI guys i just got a cool link tht culd be useful to check ur pcs eligibility for any particular game :D Try this out http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest It will make u to install some certificates. Please do tht since the site is trustworthy:p Also i dont want to...
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