1. The Incredible

    DVD - Drive ejects automatically

    I'm having a Samsung DVD - Drive which nowadays ejects automatically. Sometimes just after i switch the pc on ,ie, boot it. I'm using Windows XP sp2. What could be the problem ? How to tackle it ?
  2. yrana2002

    cd tray ejects automatically

    I have an acer 4520 aspiron laptop with DVD/CD combo drive... Lately ive discovered that my cd tray ejects on its own for some reason, very randomly at any time... Its not like its related to any particular program or anything.. and i cant figure out the reason for it
  3. U

    Virtual CD 6

    I have Virtual CD 6. Whenever i insert a image[*.vc4]into drive I:[virtual drive] it automatically ejects in some seconds.Plz help!
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