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  1. Dr. House

    Buying SSD for my old hp dv6-6165tx

    Hello! I bought my hp pavilion dv6-6165tx in the end of 2011 and now I want to speed up the laptop by putting an 120-128GB SSD as primary C drive and the old HDD in dvd drive caddy. My budget is Rs. 4000 for both SSD+caddy. I have sorted this 12.7mm cadddy Storite 12 7mm Universal Sata 2nd HDD...
  2. G

    4 GB DDR3 RAM for HP DV6-6165tx laptop

    My 4 Gb RAM( which I extended after purchase ) of HP Pavilion DV6-6165tx has stopped working after 3 years so Please anyone suggest me a durable RAM for my laptop. Thanks.
  3. rider

    Cooling Pad for dv6-6165tx

    Which cooling pad would be the best for my hp dv6-6165tx? I prefer cooler master brand.. but can't choose which one is the best? Keep in mind that laptop is of 15.6" (16:9 widescreen)
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