1. K

    Dual-sim mobile with good camera clarity!

    Hi! I’m looking for a Dual-sim mobile with excellent camera picture quality;rather than camera resolution (MP) the picture clarity-detailing is more important for me. My budget is 16-18K. I have zeroed in on Panasonic P51. The other option is Xperia C –presently beyond my budget. I’m open...
  2. M

    Need gud dual-SIM phone.

    I want to buy a Dual-SIM phone for my cousin. I am looking for the following features: 1. Android OS 2. Good screen resolution. 3. Good camera. 4. Screen size not more than 5". 5. Good after-sale-service. My budget is around 20k. Can somebody please suggest me? I have been...
  3. ShankJ

    New cell phone, budget 14K

    My friend is planning on buying a new cell within 14K range and has asked for a few options.. I have shortlisted Lumia 620 and Galaxy S advance.. But she wants a dual-sim one, so it would be great if you could advice a few for her..
  4. bad_till_bones

    Suggest - Android Dual-Sim ACTIVE (GSM + GSM)

    Need an Android based Dual-SIM phone. (Dual Active) - GSM + GSM. Other requirements - - Touchscreen - WiFi Budget - - Max 12k.
  5. A

    Dual-sim ICS android mobile around 10k

    Hi guys, I want a dual-sim ICS android mobile below 10k. I am considering Karbonn a18, a21 and Sony Tipo Dual. If Karbonn's performance is true to the specs then I don't mind buying karbonn. Even then, I need to know whether to go for a18 or a21.
  6. M

    Why dual SIM phones are great !

    Hi ! I am thinking of investing in a new Dual SIM phone and i like models offered by Nokia in this category. Dual SIM phone is a practical alternative for me as i use two numbers . I am looking for a good, feature loaded dual-sim phone. Nokia in India currently has 4 dual-sim phones on...
  7. Tenida

    Dual-sim phone under 2K!!!

    Suggest me good dual-sim phone under 2K.I need no extra feature like MP3 player or Fm radio or something.Please don't suggest me phone from Micromax or other Chinese brand.I have used Q50 earlier, believe its most worst phone i ever used:-x Brand to choose- Nokia Samsung LG Motorola...
  8. S

    Pls advise on dual-sim phone purchase

    Hi, I am planning to purchase a dual-sim phone. Primarily I am looking for the following 2 things 1) Signal reception should be excellent (Place where I am living having signal problems, so this is my first priority) 2) Long Battery life 3) No touch screen phones please Other features...
  9. Vishal Gupta

    [Dual Sim Mobile Phone] Yes OR No ?

    Hi guys I have 2 mobile phones, 1 GSM and 1 CDMA. Now I'm planning to go for a Dual-SIM mobile phone. I want to know whether should I go for a Dual-SIM phone or not? Are Dual-SIM phone successful? Is there any drawback of Dual-SIM phones? Please provide your expert opinions. Also if...
  10. S

    Dual-sim budget mobile phone,suggestions required!

    I want a dual-sim mobile phone within Rs 3000.Please suggest some good models in this range.I have heard about Spice M-5252 phone.How is it?
  11. NewsBytes

    LAVA launches the A9 - Dual-SIM mobile phone for Rs. 5999

      Another mid-range dual-SIM social networking phone to hit the Indian market, the LAVA A9 is a "small mobile computer" that offers a host of features at a value-for-money price of Rs. 5,999. A compact handset with a 2.4-inch TFT display, it is aimed at the fashion/tech/budget conscious youth...
  12. NewsBytes

    The Fly V-180 DS - a dual-SIM phone for Rs 2,539

      Fly is trying to create a niche for itself in the Indian market. It has delivered some low- to mid-budget dual-SIM phones which, surprisingly, have performed well in the markets out here. Prem Kumar, CEO, Fly Mobile (India Operations) stated, "Fly is dedicated to bring into existence...
  13. NewsBytes

    Fly Mobile launches two dual-SIM touchscreen phones for under Rs. 6,000

    It seems that Fly Mobile wants to take the price factor out of the equation of buying a touchscreen phone, as it has launched two new dual-SIM handsets with touch-sensitive screens for less than Rs. 6,000.   Fly Mobile MC160     The Fly Mobile MC160 is a dual-SIM touchscreen phone that...
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