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    Java or Dotnet

    Hi Friends, which will rule the future... tell me ur opnions.... me: java s best... because xp going to destroy by themitself gets lots of complaints n its lots of promblem 3.many user now preferring linux for security purpose if all ver using linux...
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    Java Or Dotnet

    hi friends iam fresher 2008 passed out B.E(ece) iam interested to do any one of technologies which will benefit me in the future so tell me ur opnion... which have got more job openings for freshers java or dotnet.... and wheather dotnet replacing java is it so tell ur comments...
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    computer courses

    hi friends iam fresher iam seeking for a job i wish to do some computer courses so please suggest me which s best n which have good trend now n in d future among these courses dotnet, oracle, sap.... dont negellect this thread by seeing reply s must..... thank u friends in advance....
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    Dotnet webapplication problem

    Whenever i run the DotNet Webapplications the browser loads the prevoius page only, Eventhough i delete all the offline contents and cookies also, after that the same problem arises, what can i do . Plz give me a solution Thannx in Advance - Thambidurai
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    DOT Net

    what is dotnet. what is it's benfits, is it developed from J2EE. want to work on live projects of microsoft.
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