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  1. static_x

    Sunbeamtech HDD Docking Station

    Hi, Anyone interested in buying Sunbeamtech Hard Disk Docking Station for 2.5" & 3.5" SATA HDD? It comes with one USB, eSATA port & Power Supply. Plug n Play and very easy to use. 6 months old and in excellent condition. I've personally used it with upto 1 TB capacity HDD without any problems...
  2. iMav

    TwoDaLoo, For Couples Who Share Everything

    Cant keep away even for nature's calls ... heres the thing for u!!!!! The TwoDaLoo is called a "supertoilet," created to "save rocky marriages and the planet." Not fancy enough for you? Get it with a 7-inch LCD TV and an iPod docking station, so you won't have to look at each other while you...
  3. iMav

    ipod docking station (i-station 9)

    Got an i-pod docking station for my 30 gig pod ... i bought the logic 3 i-station9 .... cost 5100/- w/o bill .... its really amazing .... Features: 1. awesome sound (very good for 1 room .... thats what its meant for) 2. FM (with 6 presets) 3. remote control 4. large lcd display 5. time and...
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