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  1. D

    Graphics card under 12k

    I'm looking for a good graphics card for my PC. It should cost not more than 12k. I would be mainly using it to run CAD/CAM/CAE softwares than gaming. My present system config. is Intel core i5 2320 Intel dh67BL-B3 mobo 4GB RAM 1TB HDD Please help. Thankz in advance.
  2. aditya_v

    Intel DH67BL-B3 problematic? your experience with it

    Hi guys Yesterday I went to get a pc build from SMC Nehru Place. When I asked for Intel DH67BL-B3, he immediately said please do not buy intel, specially this one. according to him, that board is incapable to handle 6850 + i5 2500k and a lot of his customers have faced a harrowing time with...
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