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  1. S

    recommend me a wireless headphone ~5000-6000Rs

    i am sick and tired of using my mobile's in-ear earphone with laptop. i plan to buy a proper headset which is wireless and have a detachable mic. my budget is 5000-6000Rs will buy it online PS: not an audiophile but i prefer clarity, neutral sound profile (no extra bass or treble) & noise...
  2. Adhip007

    A wireless router (detachable antena) with USB port in it

    Hi, My friend is looking for a Wireless Router to connect A PC (Wired), 1 Lappy, 2 mobile and one PS3. His priorities are; 1. Detachable antenna OR 7dbi Built-in Antenna 2. 150mbps 3. USB connectivity for devices like external hard disc or printer. (optional) Do let me know if you...
  3. M


    Hi guys i have read some where that tumbler that BATMAN uses in movie is available as toy model with detachable BATPOD! have u seen it anywhere in mumbai toy stores? i think the manufacturer is mattel or funskool.pls reply .thanks .
  4. M

    want cover for k750i

    hi guys i want to buy a cover for my k750 to protect it from dust which one to go for my friend who owns w550 has a dual plastic detachable 2 piece cover.i dont want chain cover as it may damage side buttons:-oso pls suggest a good cover THANKS
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