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    merits and demerits of custom ROMs

    friends thanks to digit to start a new sub section . i dont know much about custom roms(cooking or building them) but used many of them from xda forum. why not we discuss the merits and demerits of these custom roms like by using custom roms we can remove crap wares of the original rom BUT...
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    Biased Or Unbiased

    OBSERVING A FEW PEOPLE AROUND I HAVE A CONFUSION.I WILL EXPLAIN IT GIVING A EXAMPLE. A and b are two people in a conversation on a topic. A talks only about the merits of the topic. Neither he talks about demerits nor he acknowledge any demerits talked by B. He does so for achieving a purpose...
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    hi chips n bits Can anybody know bout overclocking How it is done it's merits n demerits please write to this
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    Define Windows Please

    Can some1 differentiate for me the diff between WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL and WINDOWS XP X64 EDITION ofcourse i know the latter one is made for 64bit processors like ATHLON but i need more info like merit / demerits / limitations.. so if a person has AMD shall he install x64 edition ...
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