1. R

    Best online shopping websites in Delhi/NCR?? Help me!!

    Can anybody suggest me which is the best website for online shopping in Delhi/NCR??
  2. shreymittal

    Digit'ians from Delhi/NCR

    hello this is to all the people who are staying in Delhi/NCR now. we can organize a meets, lan party or we can play on net. lets Be friends..whats say :)
  3. J

    Best datacard service in Delhi/NCR

    hello friends, I want to buy a datacard fr using in Delhi/NCR. I dont have much knowledge about these. can anyone tell me which datacard is good fr service and better plans.nd what about BSNL evodo in delhi ?? any idea? Tnx in advnce .
  4. digitaltab

    3d monitor available in india

    hi, m lookin for a 3d LED monitor, which must b available in India , and affordable, FOR 3D GAMING ND 3D MOVIES PURPOSES, AT MY AMD 6870 GRAPHICS CARD. PLEASE SUGGEST , AND ALSO TELL THE PLACES TO BUY N PRICES, IN NEW DELHI/NCR REGION. I'VE SEEN LG 2342 3D MONITOR, BUT DUN KNW ABT IT...
  5. Kniwor

    SMPS in Delhi/NCR

    I need a decent SMPS in Delhi/NCR. Please post your offers.
  6. esumitkumar

    MSI CR700 availability

    Hi Can anybody tell where can I buy MSI CR700 laptop in Delhi/NCR and at what price ? Thanks Sumit
  7. Krazy_About_Technology

    Fellows from Delhi/NCR Region! Anyone?

    Hey Guys, Keeping with the 'new tradition' of city related threads, this is the one for people who are currently staying in Delhi/NCR region. Please sign on this thread and find out your fellow 'Digitians' in your area. Thanks!
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