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  1. ax3

    Avast install !!!

    hi, will be installing fresh win 7 OS ... as am on low bandwith, can i just copy Avast folder (virus def) from old OS & will it work ??? coz new installation is nearly 200 mb ... thanx
  2. A

    problem in PyQt4 program

    Hello everyone, I have started creating a Download Manager for Linux using Python with PyQt4 as GUI toolkit and PycURL as library for downloading files. My problem is that whenever I start a download GUI stops. It works in the background and just keeps on downloading but no response from GUI...
  3. R

    Python: why it worked later, function keywords:

    The following code didn't work: class X(object): def f(self, **kwds): print kwds try: print kwds['i'] * 2 except KeyError: print "unknown keyword argument"...
  4. ax3

    Create new profile in XP ! ! !

    wanna Create new profile in XP as my old 1 is corrupted [due 2 crash\hanging] ...... how do copy my data from old 1 ? & will i lose my software settings 2 ? & virus def ?
  5. sms_solver

    About Kaspersky AV

    I know methods of transferring latest virus def of AVG & NortonAV from one PC to another. But I want to know the way of moving virus def of Kaspersky AV from one PC to another. Will copying all files from the following directory will help: <drive>\Documents and Settings\All...
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