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    Suggession for Router (with DDWRT /openfirmware support)

    Kindly suggest be Cheap VFM Router which supports Open-firmware like DDWRT while checking cheapest Dual Band router i could find is DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router 1849Rs but doesn't support ddwrt D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router Kindly suggest me a Cheapest VFM...
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    DD-WRT and Transmission Configuration for Asus RT-N13U

    Hi Guys, I am trying to load DD-WRT firmware & install transmission on my Asus RT-N13U router. Updating the DD-WRT firmware is quite straight forward. However installing the transmission client on the router is a bit difficult task. I did a bit of googling and found few articles. But they are...
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