1. A

    TP W 8968 problems

    modem wont work with or without wireles with my laptop though the bsnl chaps have configured it for my bsnl bbnd connection.however the dam thing is working flawlessly with my mobile phone in wi fi mode.However when i use my old workhorse siemens sl2-141 modem it works fine with both laptop as...
  2. Neuron

    The Mullaperiyar Dam Controversy.

    Current Status. Report of the examination committee. In case the dam fails. The solution. Share your thoughts. :smile:
  3. pritish_kul2

    Dream island dam dama

    has any 1 been to dream island dam dama???wht all is der and howz it like?itz a amusement park located outside delhi for those who wondering wht it is

    NASA Satellites Watch As China Constructs Giant Dam

    Engineered to store more than 5 trillion gallons of water, the Three Gorges Dam is designed to produce more than 18,000 megawatts of electricity when all 26 turbines become operational in 2009—twenty times the power of Hoover Dam
  5. W

    All about dams

    From the Science Magazine:
  6. Binay 007

    Way To Fame

    I had got an orginal Ubuntu 6.06 with an magzi. . I tried to install it but it stucked showing a black screen .I Know it is due to the heavy processing and i have 256MB of RAM & p4 2.93 processor. Like installing fedora core 5 without burning a dam disk can i able to install Ubuntu...
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