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  1. D

    FXI squeezes a dualcore chipset into a USB stick, lets any monitor into android

    FXI squeezes a dual-core chipset into a USB stick, lets you turn any monitor into an Android device http://www.fxitech.com/products/ The Cotton Candy is a USB stick sized compute device allows users a single, secure point of access to all personal cloud services and apps through their favorite...
  2. shift

    Attention (MUST READ)

    Got this in my mailbox.... Don't eat kurkure because it contains high amount of plastic if U don't believe burn kurkure n u can see plastic melting. Please forward to all!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News report from Times of...
  3. Sathish

    Read non-readable OLD CD/DVD..

    This is a short trick that read a non-readable Old CD/DVD.. (Note: Physically damaged CD/DVDs are exceptions) Requirment: 1. Colgate/Pepsodent paste 2. Dry Plain White Cotton >Apply the paste to the nonreadable CD/DVD from centre to corner (in 4 way) > drag the paste equally > Wait for 2...
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