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  1. L

    Need help!! Windows apps, Start, Cortana, taskbar not working.

    I'm using a lenovo G510 preinstalled with win 8.1. I recently upgraded to win 10. Everything was working fine till I installed malwarebytes and ran a scan revealing several potentially unwanted programs. I went ahead with the cleanup and reboot only to find that the task bar start and cortana...
  2. J

    Cortana in windows 10

    Windows 10 is launched, and free upgrades have been rolled out across the globe. A bunch of new, cool features included in the latest iteration of Microsoft’s classic operating system, but one that really sticks out, apart from DirectX 12, is Cortana – your personal AI-assistant of sorts...
  3. Desmond

    Microsoft to unveil its own Siri, Google Now competitor...Cortana

    That's right. Halo's Cortana will now come on Windows phones XD. Source : Microsoft Cortana release date: April 2014 | BGR
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