1. Desmond

    The phonographic disc on Voyager is copyrighted.

    According to this article, the phonographic disc on the Voyager 1 space craft, containing assorted images, videos and sounds from earth for aliens out there apparently is copyrighted. Which makes me wonder if the aliens do play that disc, are they in violation of copyright infringement?
  2. paroh

    pain allows P2P, link-sharing of copyrighted works

    Spain allows P2P, link-sharing of copyrighted works Source As long as no profits are made, it’s legal to share copyrighted material through peer-to-peer transfers or link to it through a Web site, a Spanish court ruled. At issue was the case of, a site that links to...
  3. C

    Google Search Violates Copyright

    In what could spell bad news for the use of copyrighted material on the Internet, a US District Court judge, A Howard Matz, has ruled that the free availability of Perfect 10's adult entertainment thumbnail images on Google's image search "likely" amounts to copyright infringement. Judge Matz...
  4. T

    copy of a copyrighted cd

    hello, hey i wish to copy a copyrighted cd but certainly it doesn't allow to. watz the way out? how can i make a copy of a copyrighted cd [non-legally speaking hee hee] :wink:
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