1. KiLL

    Help about watch-phones..

    Yesterday while returning home i saw a man who was talking to a Wrist WATCH!!!o_O Then i asked him he told that it was a wrist phone watch...:O I was pretty much interested and it was a bit coool.. Please sugfest me some within 4-5k.. Chinese will do.. Also pls post link
  2. ajooba215

    how to make custom orkut themes...?

    hey guys....i`ve checked in my orkut account after a long time and found many of ma frnds have got some themes in their profiles...and that stuff really luk wonder how can i do the same...thought of asking here instead of searching it in google...:d:D
  3. Ganeshkumar

    Coool Bday Greetings.....?

    Hi frnds... Any strange coool way to greeet my frnd for his Birthday....? :cool: :cool: Tell me all possible options n ideas... eGreeetings,SMS, MAILS, Links,... Animations.... But shld be different.. But Without spending a penny!:D
  4. ax3

    Transparent windows ! ! !

    any freeware software which will make open windows transparent & on mouse over, it shows up ? just like winamp ..... wont it b COOOL ........
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