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    Official Coolpad Note 3 Lite 6.0 Marshmallow V007 [Coolui 8.0] [VoLTE] Sp flashable

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite Stock Marshmallow Firmware is now available for download. Marshmallow update for Coolpad Note 3 Lite Currently it is in beta stage and contain some small bugs. The ROM packs with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware which is based on the Coolui 8.0. If you want to...
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    Coolpad Note 3 Lite Fingerprint Sensor Fix needed

    My Coolpad note 3 lite fell from about a metre of height and now the fingerprint sensor doesn't work. There is no Service center in my city. (There is one listed in the website Coolpad Customer Care : Budget Smartphones in Indi but they have stopped servicing for coolpad.) What should i do...
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    Coolpad Note 3 Lite or Lenovo Vibe P1 (7k)

    Coolpad Note 3 Lite or Lenovo Vibe P1m (7k) Anyone owns any of these? How's the camera and battery of Coolpad Note 3 Lite? Any quick response will be really helpful. Also what about ASS of Coolpad?
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