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    Modem not connecting to internet

    i have a tplink 8961 on an mtnl connection.it was working fine until now,when it is not connecting to the internet.after restarting it,it works for about 5 minutes,then the adsl and internet light goes out,along with the connection.it keeps tries to reconnect around every 5-10 minutes,but it...
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    3G problem on Defy

    Hi,I have been using my Defy for last 8 months smoothly.But this time it does not show or connect 3g connection.selecting manually it shows "no connection".It works only in automatic mode or 2g mode and gives 2g service.please help me.
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    Problem Opening Website

    i'm unable to open http://www.soundsonline-forums.com/index.php and soundsonline.com in any browser i'm using a bsnl broadband connection.it opens at my friend's pc.
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