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  1. IronCruz

    Tired of Searching!!

    Tell me the name of cable that is used in Headphones? The wire with 3 thin colored wires, which connects headphone speakers to 3.5mm male!!!
  2. hellknight

    Need advice for coloured laser printers

    My friend, who is doing an animation course from Arena multimedia, wants to buy a colored laser printer for home. Basically, he has following requirements :- 1. Should be cheap (top priority) 2. Should be compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux. 3. Should have cheap refills. I was...
  3. nithinks

    Help needed for my Tutorial

    I am planning to write one more video tutorial. For which I need Two video clips(10sec each). First, A person sitting on left corner of sofa with dark colored shirt and pant. And Second, Same person sitting on the right side of that sofa with dark colored shirt and pant (different color)...
  4. jack_the_ripper

    How do you get rid of this...

    hey guys, i guess this is the silliest thing i ever asked on a forum! just want to know how to get rid of the colored boxes under the icons? i mean i want to merge them with the wallpaper behind... pls help!
  5. H

    everything is colored but the videos are black and white!!! :-(

    Hi, I recently fomatted my system and downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers for my display (v93.71). Now, everything is fully colored..the desktop..the games..evrything..but when i try to play any video, its black and white...can any suggest some solution to this problem??
  6. M


    please any one tell me which is good software for converting nightshot video to normal colored
  7. I

    Keyboard driver

    need intex usb slim black colored keyboard's driver for xp URGENT
  8. D

    icon background

    I used to have transparent background for my icons text.... but a friend while tinkering with my computer changed it to some colored background... now i don't know how to get the transparent background back.... plz help..
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