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  1. A

    Which one is the best messaging app for business communication and collaboration?

    Hi everyone! Of late, our company has been looking for a communications tool as there has been some limitation with all the tools that we have used in the past. Recently we came across ALERainbow - a communication and collaboration platform powered by Alcatel-Lucent. This is one communication...
  2. S

    Need software recommendation - file transfer

    I'm volunteering for a non-profit organization based in Chicago that collects community support for global initiatives through the collection of digital signatures and related supporter created profiles & data. We often have to transfer large files, more than several gigabytes, to organizations...
  3. A

    Without Google

    Hey, I am new to this place. So thank you everyone for having me. As a part of a research for an article, I was wondering how would life be without Google, it's products and other third party services it has collaborated with. I personally love the whole online integration Google offers to...
  4. M

    your opinion on a new internet software

    Early next year, we plan on releasing a new kind of web collaboration software for creating and sharing web apps and 3d online games. It is called oTakhi Platform. The most unique feature of this platform is that it allows you to transform the web into reusable LEGO-like 'objects' that can be...
  5. eddie

    Shuttleworth urges Linux patch and bug collaboration

    Source: Linux-Watch There is no disagreement that Mark Shuttleworth is very good with words (especially words of encouragement) but this speech is spot on. Do read the link. It is highly recommended and addresses some key problems that FOSS community is facing.
  6. techno_funky

    ****Sabeer Bhatia launches "INSTACOLL"****

    Hotmail cofounder Sabeer Bhatia has done it again, mentoring a new Indian Product company that could seamless add powerful real time collaboration features to familiar desktop applications. Called ''Instacoll'' the company today announced the launch of its application Instacoll, an on line...
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