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  1. 1

    Help needed for upgrading

    Hi everyone I have a pc with the following config:- Dualcore @ 2.50GHz E5200 Ram- 2Gb DDR2 Motherboard - ASUS P5SD2-VM HDD- Seagate 160 GB Monitor - 15" Syncmasters 591s(CRT) I want to buy a GPu for gaming( games like CODMW2 & FIFA) and a new motherboard (i am willing to sell my...
  2. liquidsnake

    Frequent fps drops in codmw2

    i am facing a very weired problem i can play codmw2 smoothly in win 7 64 bit but in xp the fps keeps diving frequently n smoothen after a min i am tired of this problem my dxdiag http://www.mediafire.com/?tdwdj0qj4zj my config follows as core 2 duo 2 ghz 4bg ddr2 ram nvidia 9600m xp 32 n win7 64
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