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    LCD Screen Cleaners

    Hi Guys, Need some help with screen cleaners. The requirement is to clean the screens of a LCD tv and a LCD monitor. Would prefer to buy online unless price difference with local (Kolkata) is huge ( yeah - am a lazy fat-a55! :P ) Please suggest price/location (URLs would be great, but if you...
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    CD/DVD Lens Cleaners - Are they effective ?

    CD lens cleaners - the CD-like devices that have a row of small brushes on the bottom of the disc. They're supposed to wipe the dust off of the CD player's laser lens and lessen skipping. I've heard that these CD/DVD Lens Cleaners are bad. The brushes, especially on the cheaper models, can...
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    A simple question ?

    IF u install a trial version of a software it is bound to expire when it does it stops functioning If u try to uninstall and reinstall it the installer recognizes the previous install and doesn't allow you to continue. Can any body here tell me where this information is held. I've tried...
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