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  1. R

    Dota2 Teams scrim?

    HI I have a clan and we are looking for scrim/practice teams. Will mostly play at night 10pm-1am (Most Weekends) If you have a clan and are looking for decent team practice please leave your steam id below thanks!
  2. V

    Router for Counter-Strike Clan

    Hello, I need a router for my clan, to play counter-strike. We are about 10 members. I'm not able to decide whether to take wired or wireless. For now we will be playing it in LAN, haven't thought about playing online. Budget is not decided but it shouldn't go high. I have absolutely no...
  3. pramudit

    New year celebration

    So how did you celebrate your new year...? Please share your experience..... I did it by playing counter strike with my clan....... :mrgreen:
  4. A

    Cyber Arena 2011

    Spring Fest 2011 and Kharagpur Cyber League (KCL) presents the largest gaming event in the history of IIT Kharagpur : CYBER ARENA 2011 With "Alienware" presenting the event in association with "Xtreme Gaming", fulfill your desires to get your hands on the Alienware Machine you always dreamt of...
  5. Achuth

    Need A Clan

    I am a new CS 1.6 player... I am tryin to build a new clan.. OR Join a clan who is willing to let me in .. I also Play FIFA and MOTO GP 3 any one interested in makin a clan contact me .. reply to the thread or pm me :)
  6. linux_ubuntu

    call of duty4 clan

    Hi, people who are interested in COD4 ready to kick a@# :) [promod] join clan see you there:twisted: Server 1:[PROMOD] Server 2: [HARDCORE] server 3: [promod] www.il6clan.in To Join Clan visit...
  7. N

    Free Blog

    Hi frnds, Am here to knw how can i make a blog... and any website which gives free blog service.... I need it for a very small no. of members ... just take it as an experiment... Its for our AOE II clan... I tried to search thinkdigit.com but couldnt find any post abt blogs... plz help ..
  8. Krazzy Warrior

    KOG (Krazzy Online Gamers) Clan

    KOG (Krazzy Online Gamers) Clan Hi Guys, I am planning to make a new clan specially for all Online players who usually play games using Hamachi Server or inbuilt LAN system.:D Games in which this clan deals:- Urban Terror (UT) Counter Strike : Condition Zero (CS:CZ) Counter Strike ...
  9. deathvirus_me

    FatalToxic5 aka FT5 is recruiting

    For guys playing CoD4 online, here is a great oppurtunity for u guys :) Two former clans, DDT and nGF had certain issues with specific members in the past and have decided to merge and for a new clan : FatalToxic 5 aka FT5, primarily formed by the leader of the two specific clans, HG99 and...
  10. MysticHalo

    Wanna Join UT clan

    Hello all, Is any1 of u intersted in joining clan}IN{, the online gaming clan for UT 99 and 2k4(99 more)? The clan is specifically Indian with all members from India. Visit www.utinclan.bravehost.com for further details. Things u'll need===>> 1] A working PC(any crap will do) >>should...
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