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  1. powerhoney

    Circumaural Headphones (Max Rs. 2.5k)

    Hey, guys... Suggest a circumaural headphone for me... My budget is max Rs. 2.5k... I listen to all genres of music from pop, hip hop and trance to heavy and death metal!!! :mrgreen: No brand preferences per se but I would like to have decent noise isolation... :-)
  2. prophet

    Headphone suggestions

    Could you please suggest me a suitable Circumaural Headphone for my tablet, the main use will be for watching regular movies and occasionally listening to music, i already own the soundmagic pl11 but i dont want another IEM thats why going for circumaural, thanks in advance :) Budget- 1k
  3. S

    circumaural headphones with mic for Rs.1000

    My friend needs a headphone with mic. He is not into iems. Preferably circumaural headphones with mic. The budget is 1000 max extendable to 1300. The use is for chatting and some music ( mainly desi songs). Please suggest a good model. thanks in advance guys.
  4. TheLetterD

    SupraAural Headphones

    Hello I need Supra Aural Ear phones. I have tinnitus and the Doc. warned me against IEMs and the closed type (i.e CircumAural) headphones as they put excessive pressure to the ear drums. Yes the Supra Aural type headphones cause damage too but it is comparatively less than the damage caused by...
  5. TheLetterD

    Need Wireless Headphones Under 5K

    Hey guys, I need Good wireless headphones Budget is 4.5-5K Wanna use them with my TV Preferably Circumaural Is any one using the Sennheiser RS110? Are they good?
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