1. R

    Query regarding new graphics driver

    My Catalyst Control Center version is 2011.0930.2209.37895..i'm quite sure that it's very old..But whenever i try to update it thru the CCC it always displays that a latest version is not available.. So can i directly download and install the lastest driver 13.11 beta? Kindly help me out..
  2. anirbandd

    AMD 7670M CCC & Driver Issue

    AMD 7670M CCC & Driver Issue Got a new laptop.. HP Pavillion G6 2303TX, with 7670M. i installed Win 8 x64 and it came with Intel HD graphics Driver v i downloaded AMD mobility drivers for the 7670M from...
  3. V

    How to toggle Saturation in ATI-CCC ?

    Well I need to switch the saturation with a hotkey or something. I want it to be 200% while gaming and else 100%. I tried using the profiles in ATI CCC but it just doesn't save the saturation settings :\ Any other way around? :X
  4. A

    On board graphics not working

    specs: DH67BL i5 2500 Sapphire 6870 Firstly, my new Benq g2220 works on both the 6870's DVI ports, but my old Mercury monitor only works on the upper DVI port Also, the color on the second monitor is way off ...i cant fix it using the monitors settings or CCC...any ideas ? Finally...
  5. detoknight

    Over Heating after upgrading to amd ccc 10.12 beta

    I use an ATI radeonHD 5850 Untill yesterday, I was using ati ccc 10.9. My idle temp @ 40% fan speed would be 38 degree celcius. After i installed AMD ccc 10.12 beta, under the same fan speed and the same settings the ideal temp is at 50. I am pretty sure it is bcause of the new...
  6. Desmond

    Problem with Catalyst Control Center & Low framerates

    I have a Sapphire Radeon HD4850. I've been experiencing low framereates in most of the games I play, ever since I updated the driver and CCC. Now, CCC does not run. Nothing happens beyond the splash screen. Please help.
  7. Skud

    Where is Overdrive?

    recently i purchase a palit radeon hd4850 and install the version 9.2 of catalyst driver. however, i couldn't find neither the overdrive menu nor the option to enable it in CCC. :sad: even the driver bundled with the card didn't show it. :sad: plz help.
  8. ShekharPalash

    MSN Login... Hacked ??

    Eversince I installed MSN Messenger 7, and login to using my MSN ID it gives me an alert "you're logged in to another machine..." and then it signs me off. And I'm not able to login... but at the same time, I'm able to check my mails on the same MSN ID using IE, Firefox & Opera, on the same...
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