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  1. socrates

    Website censorship: be careful what you wish for

    Website censorship: be careful what you wish for | News | TechRadar This article might not look relevant to us but remember most of our netas/babus also think that the internet should be controlled or at least policed.
  2. ithehappy

    Happy HOLI to all TDF members

    HAPPY HOLI to all the TDF members. Enjoy the occasion and please be careful :). Regards, Saurav.
  3. gxsaurav

    Apple busted for false advertising

    Be careful your product lives up to what you advertise it to be and be careful it does what you say it will do; that's the lesson that many tech companies are learning the hard way. Microsoft recently found that out as its facing an uphill battle to fight against a class lawsuit alleging it...
  4. Help~Is~Here

    Have you ever come across such a website?

    Has anyone come across website which offer the most unimaginable things online. for example: http://www.cleanishappy.com/ I can't imagine and find it weird not only that they sell it online, but they advertise it this way! Check it out. LOL :D EDIT: Be careful, don't open it at work...
  5. Digit_Dragon

    Trojan Impersonates Windows Activation to Snatch Data

    Friends be careful..... http://news.yahoo.com/s/pcworld/20070504/tc_pcworld/131569;_ylt=Au5SLPY9vguPmaYVDfZdBc0jtBAF
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