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    Samsung i927 Captivate Glide - Unlocked & Imported - Rs.8500 (VAT/CST Bill) - 2G/3G/4G

    Model number and details: Samsung Captivate Glide, SGH-i927 AT&T - GSM Unlocked, 8GB Internal Storage. Date of purchase: 31 March, 2016 Reason for sale: I was import this mobile for chatting purpose because of physical keyboard but I was got a success in repairing my old i927 phone software so I...
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    Software like Adobe Captivate

    Hi, Can anyone suggest me an alternative to Adobe Captivate. I need to make elearning videos by capturing the screen events in an video along with voice over. I need to output to be in wmv or any high quality video format so that I can edit those videos in Premier Pro or After effects. I...
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    plz help regarding Samsung Captivate Glide

    I looking to by Samsung Captivate Glide so i need suggestion regarding this should i go for it or not, because in hardware wise it's same to Samsung Galaxy S II (just 0.2GHz low processor and not full hd video recording). Samsung i927 Captivate Glide vs. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II -
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