1. Nerevarine

    [Complaint] Terrible service from

    I ordered a Tshirt for a friend's birthday from, on 21st of september.. They delayed the shipping by 4.5 days, during which I asked for the cancellation since, I realised it wont get delivered within a week.. Despite receiving and replying to my cancellation request, they did...
  2. Ricky

    Negative Experience They charge 10% as restocking fee on cancellation (even before shipping)

    I have made lots of online purchases, almost from all famous online stores, however this time I was looking to try infibeam, so I made a purchase there as thing I was looking was available for some discount. I made payment through netbanking, all good as I prefer to pay in Advance because COD...
  3. Darshan Singh

    Best Sennheiser Headphones within Rs. 6000

    Hi, I want a decent pair of Headphones specifically from Sennheiser. My budget is Rs. 6000 but in extreme case I may extend it by Rs. 2000 more. The headphones must be circumaural type and I need them basically for listening to music on my iPod Touch or an occasional movie. I do not want...
  4. Y

    noise cancelling earphones nt headphones

    please tell me the noise cancellation earphones(nt headphones) under 3k and from where to buy online
  5. ssk_the_gr8

    Suggestion for Earphones

    i want to get new earphones for my creative zen V+ . my main requirements are- 1)It should be cheap... say around 1k or less 2)I will be using it to practice drumming...while listening to tracks.. so i'd prefer.. noise isolation or noise cancellation types .. if possible .. cuz regular...
  6. esumitkumar

    Headphones or Earphones ?

    Ok my mighty question goes to all ipod/ iriver music,metal ,rock etc fanatic junta here ..which would u prefer and why while listening ? HEADPHONES or EAR phones ? some more qs : 1. are headphones (HP) more effective than earphones (EP) in noise cancellation ? 2. do HP fit more...
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