1. J

    Why are cameras / camcorders waterproof to certain depth?

    This just came up in my mind, How come cameras / camcorders are waterproof only to a certain depth. Like the Kodak play sport, it says it's waterproof only down to 10 feet or something. What happens if you go lower? Force Factor
  2. C

    cheap camcorders

    Hi everyone, I just joined this forum. It looks very useful. I would like to make videos of myself talking into the camera and post them on Youtube. I've never owned a camcorder and dont know much about them. I want the videos to have good visual and sound quality. I see one can order...
  3. R

    Camcorder within Rs.15000/-

    Suggest some camcorders within Rs.15000/-.
  4. K

    dvd camcorders

    hi friends i want to buy a i have some doubts to clarify.can u please help me out 1.are dvd camcorders good.i dont want to buy dv camcorders now. there any quality improvement in video if there are more megapixels. for example can 3 megapixel camcorders give better video...
  5. K

    Sony DCR-DVD708E Handycam (REVIEW)

    With so many camcorders, formats and makes, to choose from, there's always a certain uncertainty whether the camera you picked up is better than the others available in the market. Sony, with it's majority share of the market is generally considered a safe bet - partly because of the attention...
  6. P

    Firewire related Problem

    I've been using different types of Sony handycam camcorders. I just bought the dcr hc 36, and the problem is that my firewire which I've been using and works fine with the other camcorders, cannot detect it. I'm using Win XP SP2. Ive had tried a lot of things, such as running the "regsvr32...
  7. E

    Help in shorlisting a camcorder.

    Hi, After doing some R&D on camcorders I have shortlisted the following camcorders: Panasonic NV GS27 DV Cam Canon MV960 DV Cam Sony DCR-HC26 DV Cam Canon MV 920 DV Cam Can ppl post experiences about the same and help me in chosing the best of these camcorders? Also can someone point out...
  8. C

    any camcorder that can directly record to memorycard

    is there any camcorders that can directly record to mmc
  9. PainKiller

    Best Camcorder (15K-20K)

    hi all, posting after a long time :) ok, i need to know what are the best camcorders available in the market. my budget is around 15K-20K thanx in advance.
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