1. abhijit_reddevil

    Calculate no. of leap years between 2 dates in MS Excel

    Hi, How can I calculate the no. of leap years between 2 dates, say 11-May-1980 and 12-Dec-2007, using MS Excel? Which functions and/or formulas should I use? Thanks.
  2. A

    Death Date and other Stuff

    Check this site out! Lots of cool death date, reincarnations and other calculators. Death Date Calculator Re-incarnation Coupon Of Luck Love Calculator Crystal Ball Note:This is for fun only. Don't Take It Seriously
  3. A

    Query in MS Access

    Please tell me anybody how to create query for formula of date difference. I need it urgently to calculate to find out net service of employees in MS Access. Regards
  4. A

    UTC Time and India time

    UTC Time and India time i want to know what is india time if u compare with UTC like what is indian time for 26-Jul-2009 14:30:10 any idea how to calculate it . its very hard to calculate and minus the hours . i think we have to minus 5.30 hours right
  5. M

    power function by bitwise operations

    can anyone tell me how to implement the function to calculate power of 2 with the help of bitwise operations.
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    How To Calculate Range of Data Types in C

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.............Can any1 tell me d process to calculate range of data types in c???? I mean INT allocates 2 bytes in memory...........n itz range in 16 bit compilor is frm -37628 to how these is calculated?????...................
  7. shaunak

    Help With RAM selections

    Im running Vista Beta with a intel865 Mobo and [was] with 512 Mb Ram. [256+128+128] One of my 128Mb sticks have gone bad. Imm now left with 384MB. [128Mb DDR264 and 256Mb DDR333]. I am buying 2 X 256Mb DDR400 sticks. Should I :- > Dump the old sticks for the frequency advantage? > Keep the old...
  8. B

    How to Calculate Data transfer?

    i have You(formerly Iqara Broadband) with Data Transfer Plan. when i try to calculate approximate upload/download, it will be almost low then my account shows online. Is there any software from which i can calculate actual data transfer?
  9. ax3

    mb in kb ! ! !

    am confused abt calculating file size of a pdf files which i will b downloading from a site ... size shown is in kb ... how 2 calculate or get mb value from kb ??? size is 16451 KB = ??? & size is 36760 KB = ??? plz plz plz ... tell me real size in mb ...
  10. K

    Commandline tool like dBase for Linux

    I am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 8. I need a program to maintain cash book with denomination for every transaction. It should calculate the amount for the entered transaction and write it as an entry. Every entry should have 2 denominations one for the amount tendered and the other for the...
  11. A

    How to calculate the FPS of a game?

    Hi, How can we calculate the Frame Per Second(FPS) of a game?
  12. G

    How do we calculate the GHZ speed in AMD

    How do we calculate the GHZ speed in AMD.I mean for Example an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ calculates to how many GHZ ,also AMD 64FX 55 calculates to how many GHZ Whay does AMD not specify the GHZ speed. And lastly what is the latest processor released by AMD and what is its GHZ.
  13. R

    What is TRP Rating?????????

    What is this TRP rating? :?: I heard many times about TRP , which as per i know popularity rating. But i cant just imagine how they will rate or calculate?? How ill they come to know who is watching , how many of watching...!!! :roll: :idea: Ok about websites, yes I know how we can...
  14. ax3

    bandwith ???

    any software 2 check or calculate ur actual net bandwith u surf with ???
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