1. NucleusKore

    One year on.........

    On the 30th of December 2007 I started my work of putting together packages and dependencies as a single zip archive, to enable those without internet connections at-site, to have a decent multimedia experience. I searched the archives for the thread I started and found this...
  2. ax3

    FF not caching some files ! ! !

    Y doesnt FF not caching some files (offline) ? not all files r stored in cache folder .... especially files from rapidshare & megaupload .......... whot might b the problem ...... & storage space isnt out of limit (50mb) .........
  3. blackleopard92

    splinter cell chaos theory caching pixel shader loading time

    whenever i load a new level for the first time, the game gives this message: "caching pixel shader 3.0" and this process takes loads of time, is there any tweak or fix for this?
  4. Ricky

    Faster surfing over slow connection : A discussion

    So here goes this. In India, bandwidth is still something very precious hence costly. Thanks to BSNL Adsl we can now have 8 mbps speed (BOD) but again that unusable because of CAPs (data transfer limits). In most of the other countries, you can easily get uncapped 8mbps - 24 mbps lines for Rs...
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