1. nac

    Buzzing noise when using mic

    For the last 2-3 days I hear buzzing noise when using mic. There is no new hardware or software installed lately. Because of the noise, the recording sound is not that good and audible. I googled to find solution but none worked so far. I don't know what caused this problem, I would like to fix...
  2. T

    FM Antenna Problem

    This might seem a bit funny, but I have an old FM Stereo Speaker set which mysteriously stopped receiving fm broadcasts. So, there are 2 jacks at the back: 45 ohm antenna Ground I got a really long insulated wire (just a simple stranded wire). The problem is all the set picks up is just...
  3. darkv0id

    Alternating white/grey stripes on monitor

    Okay so my friend his facing a problem with his monitor and I hope you guys can help. He tells me that while playing Guild Wars 2 on his PC, alternating white/grey stripes cover his display, accompanied by a buzzing sound from his speakers. Their occurrence is completely random (happen...
  4. N

    Asus Laptop and Buzzing Sound

    I came to know that Asus laptop produce buzzing sound especially from the adapter. I am planning to buy Asus K55VM-SX086D / 3rd Generation Core i7 / 8 GB / 1 TB / DOS Laptop Is it a known problem?
  5. Yoda

    Buzzing sound in Creative Inspire M2600

    Hi, I have a creative Inspire M2600 2.1 Speaker System. For the past few months I'm hearing a buzzing sound when the Speaker is not in use. I get the sound from the Left side Speaker. When I changed the connection cables in the sub-woofer from left to right, then I get the sound from right...
  6. quan chi

    i have one problem - CPU Fan buzzing sound

    greetings friends for the past 2-3 weeks my cpu fan is making a buzzing type of sound.after 10-15 minutes when ever i turn on the pc. then i found out that when the fan's speed increases the plastic rib on which it is supported or fixed.vibrates and makes that buzzing sound. when i...
  7. S

    buzz in winamp

    i have a problem with winamp. while resuming playback from pause i get a buzzing sound. i pause the song & play it again it works fine. but why do i get a buzzing sound while resuming playback from a pause in the first attempt. is there any solution to fix this problem.i did everything possible...
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