1. kg11sgbg

    You Tube videos partially downloading,extreme buffering effect

    I am unable to download full videos from You tube. Also facing extreme buffering. I am on Firefox. Friends,any similar problems of anyone,regarding You Tube? Please share and also suggest better solutions.
  2. ariftwister

    How to stop Youtube Videos from loading?

    I dont want the youtube video to buffer/load while i visit to read only comments. is there any way to temporarily stop them from loading/buffering ?
  3. M

    Issue in Video buffering

    Now using Tikona 2Mbps unlimited connection. Browsing, torrent download and youtube is working good but other video sites r buffering like in dial-up connections :punch: Contacted Tikona abt this and tat wont helped :wwe: here r some twisted issues 1) youtube works fine and others...
  4. A

    3g connection

    is vodafone 3g usb stick K4505 fast enough to download videos without buffering.
  5. C

    What is the importance of output buffering in PHP?

    Hello buddy, I would like to know what is the importance of “output buffering in PHP”?
  6. desiibond

    MUST READ!!! Triple Buffering: Why We Love It

    Source: *www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=3591 So there you have it. Triple buffering gives you all the benefits of double buffering with no vsync enabled in addition to all the benefits of enabling vsync. We get smooth full frames with no tearing. These frames are swapped to the...
  7. rohan_mhtr

    Increase ur youtube , metacafe buffering speed

    increase ur youtube,metacafe buffering speed wid this procedure u can increase the buffering speed of uploaded vids try it steps 1.start 2.run 3.type--system.ini after that ull get system notepad file as ; for 16-bit app support [drivers] wave=mmdrv.dll timer=timer.drv [mci] [driver32]...
  8. VarDOS

    Downlaoding Stucked

    Hi Friends Yesterday I Was Downloading Poser 7 Through uTorrent It Was Downloading Fine Till 93% But After 93.3%. The Downloading Stucked With An Error Less Buffering Space. I Want To Downlaod It. But I Cannot What I Can Do?
  9. S

    downloading goole video

    i found this video about php security in google *video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5159636580663884360&q=label%3Awebdev but as my connection are not good i want to download this video with some download resume manager like dap rather than buffering and watching it but i didnt any way...
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