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    Hello, i was looking out for a method to root my xolo q1010i(KITKAT) and hence flashed custom recoveries on it.. First i flashed carliv touch recovery and it got successfully flashed but i was unable to install zip file(SuperSU zip) through recovery. i got the following error:- E: Can't...
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    How to Completely Brick the Android Tablet?

    Hello, to all of you. I have an Android tablet, I want to know, Is there some method(preferably software one) by which I can completely brick it? means no body can boot it in either way, it is urgent, actually I have some data stored on it that I can not delete it, and some one is taking my...
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    bricked lgp690 :(

    I'm not a noob. I'm a Super noob :( I just bricked my LGP690 trying to flash it with Unofficial Cyanogen Mod 10 . I was using ClocworkMod Recovery as per the video. But I was never able to boot the phone again. It just shows the lg logo. I tried to get into emergency mode and flash official LG...
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    Rooting,Custom Roms and Bricking !!

    hello guys,Last week I rejected 25k offer for my galaxy S2 bcz I love this phone ...and now I want to Root my S2. I'm following Rooting Procedure tutuorial on ( How to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 | Reviews | CNET UK ).Any1 followed this one? I know that Incorrectly Rooting may brick the phone...
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