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  1. T

    CPU Bottlenecking

    Hi, I have a MSI GTX 560 Ti (Twin Frozr II edition) card. My current CPU is a classic Core2Quad Q6600 overclocked at 3.0 Ghz. I understand my GPU is getting bottlenecked , but how bad is it? Will there be a major jump in GPU performance if I switch to say... a i5-3570k processor?
  2. prabhu.wali

    EVGA 260gtx overkill for my config??

    hi fellas,i am thinking of buying a used EVGA 260gtx for my config:intel c2d e7200@2.53 ghz,4gb ddr2 ram,cm 600 extreme power,intel dg41rq.will the card be bottlenecked with my config?please let me know,i might buy it as early as 2morrow,regards.
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