1. rhyansy

    Computex 2014/ Queen of StarCraft (II) Ga Young Kim at MSI Gaming Notebook Booth

    Kim "Aphrodite" Ga Young, the MSI sponsored world champion of StarCraft (II) from South Korea, is best known for her participation in the female-only tournament Zowie Divina 2011. The beauty showed up at MSI Gaming Laptop booth during the Computex 2014 exhibition. She also recommends the best...
  2. T

    toll booth collection system using file handling?do any1 knows using c++

    guys.,i need toll booth collection system using file handling can any one help mee
  3. gauravnawani

    Blender at FOSS Expo booth

    Hi guys, Its already too late but if some one is planning to come to at Bangalore, you can meet me up at FOSS Expo booth. Especially any one interested in Learning about Blender or Gimp. Gaurav
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